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苍萨祖古是大司徒仁波切认证的转世者,生于 1973年,年少时进行大量闭关修行,包括传统的三年闭关。成年后领受比丘具足戒,并获得大司徒仁波切认证为第四世「额乔▪︎达给▪︎嘉措」转世。包括其祖父邬金祖古在内,仁波切跟随许多大师修学,领受了无数的灌顶、口传及口诀。 

Venerable Tsangsar Tulku Rinpoche was born and grew up in Nangchen in the eastern part of Tibet, home of  the  Tsangsar family. Rinpoche is the grandnephew of His Eminence Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. He was recognized by H.E. Tai Situ Rinpoche in 1986 as the 4th incarnation of Ngag Gyud Dhargye Gyatso – a student of Situ Pema Nyiche Wangpo.

At age of thirteen, he entered into retreat at the monastery of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. After finishing his three-year retreat h​​e took on the responsibility of Retreat Master at the Seat of his father and ancestors at Tsangsar Lha Lam Osel Ling. At the age of 17, ​Rinpoche received full ordination from Ven. Dil Yag Dabzang Rinpoche.

Rinpoche has studied under great masters at Sertha Larung and Dzongsar Institute. He received numerous empowerments, transmissions and oral instructions from renowned masters including Tai Situ Rinpoche, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Mingyur Rinpoche, Khenchen Pema Tsewang.

Tsangsar Rinpoche has visited many countries around the world. He settled in the US, mainly teaching in California.

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The Hell Realm:  Anger. 
The Realm of Hungry Ghosts:  Greed. 
The Animal Realm:  Ignorance. 
The Asura Realm:  Jealousy. 
The Human Realm:  The Five Precepts.
The Heavenly Realm: Ten Wholesome Actions. 
The Sravaka Realm:  Four Noble Truths. 
The Pratyekabuddha Realm:  Dependent Origination. 
The Bodhisatva Realm:  Six Perfections. 
The Buddha Realm:  Complete Enlightenment!
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