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Tsangsar Lhalam Monastery Construction and Repair
Fund Raising Plan

The current library in the monastery was built 20 years ago. It has well exceeded its capacity. New books have to be piled up in cardboard boxes, making it very difficult to find books. There is also a concern that library mice are chewing on books. In addition, some books and scriptures have to be kept in a cabinet within the shrine room, where they have been damaged by bookworms over time.

For various reasons, the monastery does not have a formal office. There is no place to keep basic office appliances or paperwork. It is very inconvenient to print out scriptures and prepare applications.

The kitchen and the monastic residence were built off of a very simple wood-brick structure, which tends to leak in the rainy season and is windy in the winter.

Therefore, a new two-storey building with a library, an office, a kitchen and a few rooms as residence will cost effectively resolve all the aforementioned problems.

A new building is planned with a total area of 680 square meters. It is to be in a frame structure with an average cost of 1,700 RMB per square meter. The total construction estimate is 1.5 million RMB. This includes all labour, material and basic finishing (such as flooring, painting, doors and windows, etc.).

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